Our Story.

This is the story of how a fuzzy idea born while living in a fishing village along the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua turned into Good Trip Coffee.

In short: when you shed expectations and start thinking of life– and business– as a journey, a world of opportunity opens up and cool things start to happen.

As we like to say, “Enjoy the ride.”

Meet Angela and Andrew, founders of Good Trip Coffee.

A husband-wife team with a love for adventure, we decided to leave our past careers to take a chance on paving a new path.

Angela’s background is in product innovation, and after honing her expertise over years working for some of the biggest brands in the world, she was itching to create something that not only solves a problem, but that comes from a good place and makes a positive impact from end-to-end.

Andrew is an engineer with a Master’s degree in Urban Planning; in practice, he’s a problem solver who knows how to get things done. After tinkering with roasting coffee stove-top and exploring the brewing process, him and Angela were soon hooked on starting a coffee company and creating something positive– and delicious– together.

The trip of a lifetime.

Our story begins on the road. In 2015, we packed-up our life and set out to travel on a shoestring and write a new chapter, free of expectations.

Over the course of nine months, we travelled through Africa and Europe, and lived along the Pacific coast of Nicaragua.

In Nicaragua, we started buying green coffee from local markets, roasting it on the stove, and making cold brew. For two coffee-lovers, it was a dream come true. We played with different roasts and created drinks using simple ingredients. The results were delicious, and ignited an exciting chain of events.

Out of the kitchen and into coffee country.

After months tinkering in our coastal kitchen, we took a trip through Nicaragua’s coffee-producing regions of Esteli, Jinotega, Matagalpa, and Nueva Segovia, meeting with farmers, cooperatives, buyers, and exporters. It was an eye-opening experience that left us captivated.

Equipped with new perspectives and sourcing relationships, we returned to the US and moved to Denver to start a coffee company with a positive mission.

…And back into the kitchen. This time, for real.

We knew we wanted to make cold brew, and the full vision became clear:

  • Source from women producers because their coffees are remarkable and the impact is significant.
  • Simplify the process of making craft cold brew at home without the need for equipment.
  • Create something refreshing, smooth, bitter-free, and jitter-free… Something you’d wanna drink all day, everyday.
  • Only use the absolute best organic ingredients we can get our hands on.
  • Stay away from the gnarly stuff found in most coffee drinks– chemical flavorings, additives, sugars, and syrups.
  • Leave egos and ‘tudes out of the equation.

After dozens of prototypes, recipe iterations, and refinements, we tested our brews with friends and coffee-lovers across the country.

When the results came back, it was clear: we were onto something really good.

Good Trip Coffee sets forth.

On October 11, 2016, Good Trip Coffee Co. was born. Two months later, we opened our website and launched our product line of artisan brews, all featuring original artwork by Denver artists Josh Holland and Shannon Bonatakis. By spring 2017, we were selling at local markets & events. And today, the journey continues. We’re proud of our products, our values, and our commitment to giving talented communities of women coffee producers the market access– and spotlight– they deserve.

Thank you for joining us. We hope you enjoy the ride as much as we do.

¡Buen viaje!

Angela & Andrew

The resilience and dedication of smallholder coffee farmers is incredibly inspiring, yet the human story of coffee remains largely untold. We believe it’s the most important link in the chain from seed to cup. Our hope is to bring you closer to coffee farming communities, to learn about their craft, and to experience the passion that surrounds their coffees.

We’re in good company. Meet our roasting partners:


All of our Nicaraguan coffees are sourced from Vega Coffee, a thriving startup based out of Esteli, Nicaragua. Vega empowers farmers with tools and training to turn their coffee from commodity to consumer-ready product. As a result, farmers in Nicaragua’s coffee country can earn more income for their coffee and play a key role in shaping a new, more equitable coffee experience.

Vega Coffee is coffee unlike any other: packaged and roasted by the same farmers who grew it and delivered direct to us within days of roasting.


Corvus Coffee is one of Denver’s premier artisan roasters, with an exceptional eye for rare and fine coffees. With broad roasting expertise and well-established relationships with some of the most talented producers around the world, Corvus gives us access to amazing coffees– like our Rwanda Izuba.

We share Corvus’ deep-rooted values in quality, uncompromising sourcing practices, and down-to-earth collaborative spirit, and are thrilled to be partners.