About Us

Hi! We're Good Trip Coffee Co.

Coffee is a trip. Every cup begins in the hands of passionate farmers, travels around the world and across cultures, and unfolds in layers of eye-opening flavor. Each sip should take you somewhere good-- really good! We're on a mission to build the best cup of cold brew from the ground up, crafted in our kitchen to be thoroughly enjoyed in yours. To us that means making craft coffee more accessible while working towards reversing inequities in the coffee industry. 

Our Beliefs

A good trip is about the journey, marked by cultural exchanges and new experiences that broaden your perspective and open your mind to new ideas. We keep this spirit at our core. We believe in celebrating the origins and culture of coffee, keeping things fresh and accessible, and striving to be industry innovators while always staying grounded in good business practices.

Our company was born while visiting smallholder coffee farms. The resilience and dedication of these farmers is incredibly inspiring. The human story of coffee remains largely untold, and we believe it's the most important link in the chain from seed to cup. Our hope is to bring you closer to these farming communities, to learn about their craft, and to experience the passion that surrounds their coffees.

Our Sourcing Practices


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Equitable Coffee = Better Brew

Inequities are too common in the coffee industry. We decided to take a stand. 
We are committed to working exclusively with women producers and smallholder farmers who are paid a fair price. Their coffees are excellent, and the higher price makes a tangible impact on their lives, on their communities, and on the future of specialty coffee as a whole.


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Transparency = Quality

Transparency is at the core of our beliefs, and we choose to spotlight the origins of our 100% Arabica specialty-grade coffees. That means no "proprietary blends" or hiding poor quality behind burnt roasts. You should know where your coffee comes from and the care that went into producing it. Quality starts in the hands of dedicated producers and is revealed in the cup.


Our Story

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Founder Andrew drinking Good Trip Coffee Cold Brew
Good Trip Coffee Co. is a husband-wife team based out of Denver, CO. Angela is at the helm, Andrew manages the operations, and our pups, Sasha & Omar, are at our sides.
Our story begins on the road. In 2015, we left our careers, packed-up our stuff, and set out to travel on a shoestring and write a new chapter.

Over the course of nine life-changing months, we travelled through Africa and Europe, and lived along the Pacific coast of Nicaragua.

In Nicaragua, we started buying green coffee from local markets, roasting it on the stove, and making cold brew. For two coffee-lovers, it was a dream come true. We played with different roasts and ratios, and created infusions using simple ingredients like cacao and cinnamon.

After spending months tinkering in our kitchen, we took a trip through Nicaragua's renowned coffee-producing regions of Esteli, Jinotega, Matagalpa, and Nueva Segovia, meeting with farmers, cooperatives, buyers, and exporters. It was an eye-opening experience that left us captivated. Equipped with new perspectives and sourcing relationships, we returned to the US, perfected our cold brew recipes, and founded Good Trip Coffee Co.

Learn more about the origins of our coffees here, and how we've made it easy to create your own craft cold brew at home here.

Thanks for coming by! We hope you enjoy our brews as much as we love makin' them.

¡Buen viaje!
Angela & Andrew
Founders, Good Trip Coffee Co.


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What good people are saying about our brews:

"I loved that it wasn't bitter. It was buttery, nutty and had a nice finish. Even keeled, no jitters, with a gentle journey down the other side of the mountain. Can't wait for another glass tomorrow!!"

- Sara, Denver

"It was easy to brew (no mess, no measuring, no grinding- amazing!), and I like how the flavor wasn't overwhelming. I was so pleasantly surprised by the subtle flavors. I'd definitely order it again."

- Tim, Brooklyn

"My boyfriend and I loved the chai brew. It was unique, flavorful, and felt like a high-end coffee you would sip at a shop."

- Hannah, Chicago