Cold Brew Guide

Cold brewing is our favorite way to brew. Not yet familiar with cold-brewed coffee? Here's a quick overview. 

Cold Brew Coffee brews over time
Heat is replaced with time 

When coffee is brewed, different temps and rates yield different results. With cold brew, coffee steeps in cold water, typically for 12-24 hours. This slow extraction brings out sweet, chocolatey flavors. It's worth the wait.

Cold brew coffee Brew Bags pitcher of cold brew
It's awesomely simple

The cold brewing process can happen in a simple pitcher. But, the coffee does need to be roasted, ground, portioned, and filtered properly to get the best results. With our Brew Bags, we've done this for you and it couldn't be easier.

Cold brew coffee with ice and cream in glass
It goes down easy

Cold brew is smoother and generally less acidic than the average hot coffee, and it isn't bitter like "iced coffee", which is brewed hot and then poured over ice. Cold brew is super drinkable, with or without ice, black or with milk.


Let's get to it!

Making our Cold Brew Coffee at home is easy! Follow the handy brewing instructions on our packaging, or use this step-by-step guide.

What you'll need: A wide-mouth container, fresh water, and a refrigerator

Cold Brew Coffee brew bags on table

1. Size your batch. 

Brewing Ratio: 1 Brew Bag + 2 Cups Water = 16 oz of ready-to-drink Cold Brew. Here, we're brewing 4 Brew Bags with 8 Cups Water (64 oz).

Cold Brew Coffee brew bags in pitcher

2. Place Brew Bags in pitcher. 

Drop 'em in! Any container will do, just make sure the opening is wide (to remove Brew Bags when wet). We like to use glass or BPA-free plastic. 

Cold Brew Coffee brew bags pouring water in pitcher

3. Add water. 

Pour over the Brew Bags. Always use cold, fresh water. The Brew Bags might float at first, and that's cool. They'll submerge enough while steeping.

Cold Brew Coffee brew bags pitcher with lid on table

4. Put a lid on it. 

This keeps your brew sealed from smells and other stuff happening in the fridge. No lid? Plastic wrap works, too!

Cold Brew Coffee brews over time

5. Brew in the fridge. 

We suggest 12-24 hours. A longer brew = a stronger brew. It's your call, and you really can't mess it up.

Cold Brew Coffee removing brew bags from pitcher on table

6. Remove Brew Bags.

Although they're pretty darn tough, they aren't invincible, so please be gentle to prevent rips. Compost or discard.

Cold Brew Coffee stir cold brew in pitcher on table

7. Give it a stir.

We only do this with the Organic Infusions, as yummy spices can settle. 

Cold Brew Coffee pour cold brew from pitcher mason jar

8. Serve it up. 

With or without ice, it's up to you. A typical serving size is about 8 oz.

Cold Brew Coffee serve cold brew cream mason jar

9. Enjoy the ride! 

Whether you like it black, with cream or your favorite milk, drink up and enjoy!